Creative, skilful and dedicated Executive Director with extensive experience in strategic planning, Management, coordination and directing daily operational programmes and duties successfully.

Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support for staff at all levels including executive-level staff, developing projects for funding and delivering projects successfully, effectively managing all essential tasks to achieve project aims.

Developing, organising and managing training programmes and delivering training sessions successfully
Extensive knowledge and experience in managing staff to achieve successful training aims and objectives
Excellent knowledge and experience in establishing companies, nurturing and managing them for growth

Proven track record of accurately completing research, reporting, information management, and marketing and business-development efforts within budget requirements.

My aim is to enable organisation and project development, programme management and efficient technical support to our staff, Strive to meet and exceed quality standards in relation to every aspect of the work to ensure that CHAT maintains its distinctive positive reputation. To achieve this I supervise the development and delivery of services and programmes; work plans; targets; and monitor progress through regular supervision.