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CHAT offers a range of services for every sexually active individual person to be responsible for managing and maintaining safer sexual health.

As a non-profit community organisation working towards a healthy community, CHAT serves the local black community by providing education on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and raising awareness and support on other health inequalities.

What we offer

Projects & Activities

CHAT offers a number of services which include training on specific health areas. We educate and raise awareness on HIV/AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted infections, Tuberculosis, Community Outreach, Domiciliary care and Support and many more…

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At the end of our training sessions, knowledge acquired include: Routes of HIV transmission, Preventative measures, Using Condom and Femidom, HIV epidemiology, Treatment updates, Risks of Stigma & discrimination, Importance of HIV testing, Available local services and Confidentiality and the law.

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CHAT delivers a one day training workshop for specific groups based on the needs assessment which include women’s workshop, men’s workshops etc. The aim of the workshops is to set HIV prevention strategies for example the most recent women’s workshop aimed at empowering women in sexual health decisions.

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Our Honourable Guests
  • I have worked with William from the Community Health Action Trust and I must say they are doing a great job.

    Sarah Teather
  • The work that Community Health Action Trust are doing is beyond my few words. I congratulate them for their hard work.

    Dr Gary Brook
  • I was privileged to be one of the honourable guests at Community Health Action Trust event and I was impressed with their dedicated team.

    Mr Kostakis
CHAT is one of the leading sexual health awareness and HIV/AIDS Charitable Organisations in the UK.
We are proud to work with
Department of Health
Brent Council
Family Planning Association
North West London Hospitals
College of North West London